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Swimming Lessons Positive Feedback

The Fen Rivers Academy have been participating in swimming lessons this term. Recently, they received some wonderful feedback around pupil behaviour and participation:

"I thought I would share some really positive feedback I had from the coach driver today when we returned from swimming. He asked me if we would be able to lend our students out to other schools to teach them how to behave on a bus. He has been so impressed with our students' manors, friendliness and respect they have shown both him and his coach. 
Our two swimming instructors have been very complimentary of our students and school which has been so pleasing to hear. Five of our students have shown they can swim 25 metres backstroke and 4 can do the same over a 10 metre distance. Each of them has grown in confidence in the water over the last 5 weeks and I look forward to seeing what they can all accomplish and achieve next week