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Sexual Harassment and Violence Student Reporting Tool

Ofsted Review of Sexual Abuse in Schools and Colleges Report Published


The review consisted of visits to 32 schools and colleges, discussions with school and college leaders, over 900 children, teachers, governors, local safeguarding partners (LSP), parents and stakeholders.


The review found that for some children incidents of sexual abuse are so common that they see no point in reporting them. It was apparent that girls’ sexual harassment and online sexual abuse is much more prevalent than adults realise.

High numbers of children, 92% of girls and 74% of boys said sexist name-calling is a regular occurrence, meaning many children view harmful sexual behaviour as normal.


The report highlights the lack of reporting of sexual abuse and harassment by children. In some cases there was a concern regarding the repercussions of reporting it, children feeling that no further action will be taken and the feeling of it being too little too late.


It was noted that in some schools and colleges some teachers and leaders underestimated the scale of the problem. There was an apparent lack of understanding, training and awareness surrounding sexual abuse and harassment.


We continue to ensure students at The Fen Rivers Academy feel safe and listened to. Below is the link for pupils to report child on child sexual harassment and abuse, knowing that they will be listened to and supported: 


Catch22 Student Reporting Tool 


Removing a nude image shared online


A new online tool has been launched by Childline and the Internet Watch Foundation, which will allow the under 18s to report any nude image of themselves that have found their way onto the internet.  This is simply done by creating an account with Childline and reporting a particular image. The tool can be found by following this link 


Remove a Nude Image Shared Online