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Forest Schools at The Fen Rivers Academy

Fen Rivers Wildlife Camera March 2021 SD 480p

The Fen Rivers Academy wildlife camera set in the little Forest School woodland caught these videos in March 2021. A squirrel came to eat digestive biscuits ...

February in Forest Schools 3.2.21

It may well be cold and rainy and sometimes even snowy outside but there are still loads of activities that we can do in the woodland area.

Try looking for signs of Spring? I have seen snowdrops yesterday and my daffodils are poking through! 

Give Nicola's activities a try too.

Dinosaur Hunt 26.1.21

One of the favourite activities at Forest Schools is a dinosaur hunt. 

Nicola hides them in the forest area and students search for them! 


Knots and Scavenger Hunt 21.1.21

Take a look at these knots that Nicola has posted. 

If you master the basic knots, why not give the advanced ones a try? 

Or how about a scavenger hunt? 

Try and find all the items in the booklet! Good Luck!!!

Forest Schools 19.1.21

One of Tigers went out yesterday and collected some stones from the garden.

He then made stone structure. It is quite tricky to balance stones on top of each other and great patience and dexterity would have been needed.  

What do you think it could be? Can you name the structure? 

Forest Schools 

Every week at Fen Rivers, we have the opportunity to take part in Forest Schools.

Nicola plans some amazing lessons for us and while we are in lockdown, she didn't want us to miss out!

Have at look at the brilliant stuff she has. I love the matchbox challenge. I wonder how many things you can find to go in yours?