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Every Interaction a Conscious Intervention

Fen Rivers Staff
*work in a therapeutic way
*are trauma informed practitioners
*focus on connections before correction
*Support our students to become more emotionally intelligent and develop empathy and self-awareness
*have a mental health and wellbeing focus
*work consistently to reinforce boundaries
*understand the difference between attention seeking and attachment (connection) seeking behaviours
*want all of our pupils to believe in themselves and what they can achieve and succeed

Fen Rivers Learners leave us
* a positive member of society whose needs have been understood and met
*able to read fluently
*ready to move to the next stage of education or employment

Approach to Phonics and Reading 

At The Fen Rivers Academy our approach to phonics and early reading follows the Sounds Write Linguistic Phonics approach to learning. 


This approach begins with the sounds that we hear in the language and moves from the sounds into the written word, with both the sounds and the spelling being taught alongside each other in each lesson. This approach works well alongside our approach to teaching writing starting with a talk based approach, Talk for Writing.  



Our Approach to Behaviour and Attitudes


Our approach to behaviour & attitudes is rooted in a Trauma-Informed (TISUK), Rights Respecting (UNCRC RRSA) and Restorative Practices framework. We perceive misbehaviour (causing harm to others and/or property/the learning environment) as a breaking of a social bond. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that our daily school life procedures and processes enable our students to learn how to make choices and meet their own needs without harming others and whilst looking after themselves. We therefore seek to resolve incidents of harm caused by involving all those relevant to the event in acknowledging responsibilities, repairing harm, promoting respect and strengthening relationships.

Catch 22 MAT and Independent Schools

Education Intent Statement


Catch22’s Vision is:


To deliver better social outcomes through transforming public service through the 3Ps:


  1. Place- supporting people to find, retain, transition safely into homes and communities
  2. Purpose- Working with people to achieve their purpose in education, employment or training
  3. People- Building networks of people around individuals



Our Education Mission is:


To enable young people to progress and succeed in sustained education, training or employment.

We do this through engaging young people positively with their purpose through learning and future life aspirations. All our learners achieve positive outcomes, thrive and enjoy a quality education that is delivered by skilled, passionate people with high expectations in a place that is safe, high quality and appropriate.



Our schools cater for young people aged 4-16 who are outside of mainstream education, and have troubled and challenging backgrounds. We embody our vision in all we do to ensure our young people are supported fully to achieve these goals.


Our Education Intent is to:


Brilliant basics, magic moments

  • Support pupils to gain academic qualifications, experiences and the skills needed to move successfully to the next stage in life.
  • Provide a values-based curriculum, working with pupils to build their spiritual, moral, social and cultural capital and personal development


Relationships beat structures

  • Treat pupils as individuals and help them to build bright futures in both their personal and professional lives


Things about you, built with you, are for you

  • Understand pupils’ unique needs and help them overcome their barriers to learning
  • Engage young people with a broad and rich curriculum so they can realise their ambitions
  • Make our pupils’ voices heard and harness participation to benefit pupils and help our schools to improve.


Unleash Greatness

  • Have high aspirations for our pupils so they leave us prepared for life in modern Britain and the wider world.
  • Instil belief in pupils so they can progress and succeed in education, training and employment


Let robots be robots and humans be human

  • Ensure pupils have a rounded understanding of themselves and the world around them.
  • Harness curiosity and nurture a love of learning.
  • Support and protect our pupils to be safe and feel safe online and offline.


Incubate, accelerate, amplify

  •         Embrace the values of ‘Rights Respecting Schools’; helping pupils thrive as individuals both as members of their school and the wider community.

Therapeutic Curriculum Core Offer to all Students

The Fen Rivers Academy Curriculum Plan


Our mission is to enable young people to progress and succeed in sustained education. To do this, we intend to give young people a broad and rich curriculum that gives them both the academic skills and qualifications needed to move successfully to the next stage of their lives, and the personal development skills to ensure a fulfilling future. We have set a curriculum in line with the National Curriculum alongside a school structure which supports our young people to overcome their barriers to learning ensuring our young people have bright futures both in their personal and professional lives.


Curriculum Knowledge and skills intentions

  • Equip students with key knowledge and skills as determined by the National Curriculum for their age (chronological or working at age)
  • White Rose curriculum is the basis for our Maths curriculum, and Cornerstones topic curriculum for Science and humanities.
  • PSHE lessons and Votes for Schools are delivered to build understanding of self and their place in the world. Votes for Schools give young people a voice about current affairs
  • Music, Food, PE and Art add to our broad curriculum and allows pupils to express themselves creatively.
  • Reading and guided reading are part of our daily timetable, promoting reading for pleasure.
  • Key stage 2 students will have the opportunity to sit SATS if appropriate for them
  • Improve the literacy and numeracy of our students with embedded opportunities to develop and practice skills
  • From 2020 ensuring all students leave with knowledge of essential first aid.
  • Ambitious curriculum including exposure to a variety of new experiences by working towards the DfE Activity Passport of experiences
  • Interventions are used to support pupils to ‘catch up’ and develop their academic and personal skills


Curriculum flexibility intentions

  • Provide opportunities and experiences for students’ personal development and support them with personal aspirations.
  • Provide a flexible approach to curriculum that meets the varying needs of our students through the use of academic curriculum alongside therapeutic support, ELSA and work with outside agencies to give a holistic, wrap around timetable.
  • Use of Motional assessment to identify areas of personal development that need support, and targeted activities to develop these
  • Use of forest school, gardening and teambuiulding sessions to offer a range of experiences and learning opportunities


Cultural capital intentions

  • A full programme of PSHE incorporating relationships education to support students in learning how to keep themselves safe, and to develop personal values and respect for others.
  • Fully embedded approach to SMSC, alongside personal development, RE, citizenship and British values
  • Votes for Schools giving discussion and insight on topical issues of the day
  • Through the ambitious curriculum, and extra experiences and support offered, our students are supported to be successful.


At Fen Rivers, our curriculum each week offers

  • Daily English and Maths lessons
  • 4 topic sessions (covering science, humanities, PSHE)
  • PE
  • PSHE/relationships education
  • Food
  • Votes for Schools (discussion of current events, using democracy and pupil voice)
  • Guided reading sessions
  • Reading sessions
  • Dedicated intervention sessions (both academic and Personal Development session)
  • Art and music


Therapy sessions are also available, based on needs of the students such as play and Lego therapy.







The Fen Rivers Academy Mathematics Rubric