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Vision and Ethos

Every Interaction a Conscious Intervention
We Safeguard Children Here

The Fen Rivers Universal Offer:
Therapeutic delivery of the national curriculum, informed by a collective understanding of our children’s needs and rights.
This is underpinned by SEMH assessment; 3Ps reflection data; behaviour support plans and risk assessments; an understanding of trauma informed practice and normalisation of talk around everybody’s mental health and wellbeing. 

Fen Rivers Staff
*work in a therapeutic way
*are trauma informed in their practice
*focus on connections before reflection
*protect, relate, regulate then reflect
*Support our students to become more emotionally intelligent and develop empathy and self-awareness
*have a mental health and wellbeing focus
*work consistently to reinforce boundaries
*understand the difference between attention seeking and attachment (connection) seeking behaviours
*want all of our pupils to believe in themselves and what they can achieve and succeed

*understand that the absence of danger doesn’t necessarily imply safety (lack of threat)
Fen Rivers Learners leave us
* a positive member of society whose needs have been understood and met
*able to read fluently
*ready to move to the next stage of education or employment

Further Rationale
The Fen Rivers Academy provides young people with specialist education in order for them to progress and succeed in sustained education or employment. We do this through high-quality therapeutic teaching and learning, based on effective relationships ,that enable the achievement of life skills and meaningful qualifications. 


We believe all children and young people have the capacity to learn regardless of their life situation. It is our role to unlock that learning potential. 


We have high aspirations for our learners and aim to: 

  • close the attainment gap of our cohort compared to their peers, 

  • help them return to a mainstream school if this is in the best interests of the child, and

  • equip them with the qualifications and life skills for their next steps of employment, enterprise or further education at Key Stage 4.

People, Place and Purpose at the Fen Rivers Academy

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Catch22 Education Vision and Ethos


For over 200 years Catch22 has designed and delivered services that build resilience and aspiration in people and communities. Our approach is based on the 3Ps. We believe young people can thrive when they have: 


Our Education Mission is: 


To enable young people to progress and succeed in sustained education, training or employment. 


We do this through engaging young people positively with their purpose through learning and future life aspirations. All our learners achieve positive outcomes, thrive and enjoy a quality education that is delivered by skilled, passionate people with high expectations in a place that is safe, high quality and appropriate. 


PEOPLE: Students are entitled to access passionate, skilled, trustworthy adults inspiring high expectations and aspiration in their learners. 

PURPOSE: Our education provision is tailored to meet the complex and diverse needs of our young people, removing barriers to learning and helping them to achieve their best outcomes as they progress through education and transition into adult life. 
PLACE: Students are entitled to a safe and positive environment in which to learn, appropriate to the needs of the Academy and local community. 

The Fen Rivers Academy Equality Objectives


The Public Sector Equality Duty is a duty requiring public bodies and others carrying out public functions to have due regard to:

  • eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment, victimisation and any other conduct prohibited by the Equality Act 2010;

  • advance equality of opportunity between people who share a protected characteristic and people who do not share it; and

  • foster good relations between people who share a protected characteristic and those who do not.


At the Fen Rivers Academy we will do this by ensuring that we do not discriminate by: 

  • age

  • disability

  • gender reassignment

  • pregnancy and maternity

  • race

  • religion or belief

  • sex

  • sexual orientation

  • marriage and civil partnership

We will ensure our young people learn about Equality and Diversity and that they are prepared for life in multicultural modern Britain. As part of our learning about the British Values of Tolerance, Respect, The Rule of Law, Democracy and Individual Liberty we will teach about embracing diversity, the importance of religion, traditions, cultural heritage and preferences and will be tackling stereotyping, labeling, prejudice and discrimination of all kinds. 


The Fen Rivers Academy’s Equality Objectives are:

  • Ensure that all children gain the knowledge they need to prepare them for adult life, through a broad, balanced and personalised curriculum, including both academic and vocational learning experiences and qualifications.

  • Narrow the achievement gap for children and young people, including children in care, by ensuring increased opportunities and improved outcomes.

  • Help children to fulfil their full potential, by supporting families and focusing support on improving the lives of the most vulnerable children, including those who experience bullying or exclusion.

  • To promote equality of opportunity by giving due regard to relevant legal duties as set out in the Equality Act 2010.

  • Promote equal opportunities for our entire workforce, tackling bullying and discrimination whenever it occurs.


Read our Equality and Diversity policy, which outlines how our school aims to eliminate discrimination and improve equality of opportunity for people with protected characteristics.