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Spring 1

World Book Day Celebration

Take a look at this compilation of pictures from World Book Day which was on 3rd March. Lots of fun was had and lots of books read! This year we had a focus on maths in stories. Each class discovered maths within their chosen book. Maths can be an abstract subject but using a book helps to bring it to life and make it seem "real" and more accessible for everyone!

Our resident artist Nicola has also been painting in the library. Can you spot the characters? 

Hedgehogs Class Timetable 2020 - 2021

Ordinal Numbers 5.3.21

Hedgehogs have learnt about ordinal numbers this week. 

First, second, third, fourth, fifth......... 

Ordinal numerals or ordinal number words are words representing position or rank in a sequential order; the order may be of size, importance, chronology, and so on. They differ from cardinal numerals, which represent quantity (e.g., "three") and other types of numerals.

English. Punctuation.

Date: 02/03/21

Students in Hedgehogs have been practicing their punctuation.

History 1.3.21

Enquiry and questioning lies at the heart of history. Understanding the past involves a process of enquiry, where we examine sources about the past. These questions were asked by a pupil at Fen Rivers about the Treasures of Tutankhamun. You can then use the internet to find out more.   

Division with Bead Strings 1.3.21

Manipulatives can help us do our maths. Beads strings are amazing to help with division. This is shown in this piece of work! They have used arrays to help too and written the answer in words. Brilliant maths!

Paul Clee 1.3.21

Hedgehogs have learnt about the artist Paul Clee and recreated the cat painting. Now it is time to recreate Paul's Klee cat painting. Watch this video to find how to do it step by step.

PAUL KLEE FOR KIDS and how to re-create his famous Cat art piece .

In this video you will learn about the Swiss-German artist Paul Klee. He was one of the most important artists of the XX Century. He mainly use shapes and co...

Letters 1.3.21

Hedgehogs have been letter writing. This letter is from Mr Frog asking to stay in the Palace Pond. It is full of lovely cold water! Such polite manners asking the Princess.

Return to School help for Parents and Carers

Story Writing 22.1.21

What characters does Mr Postmouse visit? Where do they live? Write two sentences about two of the characters Mr Postmouse visits.

Yeti Tales | Full Episode: Here Comes Mr. Postmouse 🐭 | Tiny Pop

Watch more magical stories on Yeti Tales. Subscribe to us for updates: us on social:

Maths 22.1.21

Writing multiplication and division sentences. Students in Hedgehogs are becoming very confident with multiplication and division. Here is some of the work they have done.

The Fen Rivers Academy Class Story 20

Fun in the Snow 10.2.21

Maths Arrays. Date: 08/02/21

Today Hedgehogs have been practising their multiplication skills by matching the multiplication sentence with the arrays.

A list of websites and apps that are useful in managing your mental health

Story time. Date: 04/02/21

Today’s story is ‘ Angry Ninja: A Children’s Book About Fighting and Managing Anger’ by Mary Nhin and read by Miss Green. Hedgehogs listened to the story and they drew an angry ninja and wrote what makes them angry and the strategies they use to calm themselves down around the ninja.

Maths. Multiples of 5 Date: 05/02/21

Hedgehogs used the 100 squared to find multiples of 5. They have realized that multiples of 5 always end on 0 and 5.

They have also completed today’s challenge, spotting the pattern and they even made their own!

Maths: Counting in 2s and 10s.
Date: 03.02.21

Hedgehogs are practicing their counting in 2s and 10s, they seem very confident and their numbers are very neat. Well done!
English: Fiction and non fiction.
Date: 03.02.21
Today Hedgehogs have listened to a story called: No Bot. Then they have divided some of the parts that they think are fictional or non- fictional about the story.

Motional activity 03.02.21

Write a story with you as the main character. You can be anything you want to be- spy, superhero or simply your amazing self! Where will you go? What will you see?

Maths: Multiples of 10 and 2.
Date: 01/02/21 On the 100 squared we are going to find the multiples of 10 by counting in 10s from 10 to 100. What do you notice?

What number do those number end in? Multiples of 10 always end in 0. - Which of these are multiples of 10?

How do you know? 23, 60, 87, 120, 346, 910, 2870, 5472, 36, 780 Get a new 100 squared, let’s find out multiples of 2 by counting in 2s from 2 to a 100.

What do you notice? Multiples of 2 always end with either 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8. - Which of these numbers are multiples of 2?

How do you know? 42, 53, 80, 91, 35 Challenge!! - Can you find 5 numbers that are multiples of 10? - Can you find 5 numbers that are multiples of 2?

You can use the 100 squared I have attached to this post or use an interactive one clicking on the website below.


‘For Every Child’ by UNICEF 3.2.21

Today’s class story is called ‘For Every Child’ by UNICEF and it is a very important book. This book teaches you all about your rights as a child. We’ve been doing work on this in Rights Respecting Schools and Votes for Schools

For Every Child by UNICEF

Art. Islamic patterns. 2.2.21

Hedgehogs have been learning about the art of Islamic patterns and they even made their own!

Simple forms of geometric patterns are combined or interlaced to form design. Basic shapes: circles, interlaced circles, squares, and four sided polygons, and combinations form the star pattern.

PSHE. Friendships. 2.2.21

Today we talked about being kind and unkind and the things we can do when we are unkind to someone.

We all like it when someone is kind to us. 

How can you show a kind act today? It could be helping someone, simply smiling at them or maybe tidying up your bedroom!

Mental Health Week 2.2.21

The theme this year is all about expressing ourselves. 

We can express ourselves in lots of ways: talking, smiling, through music or by what we wear.

These people express themselves through art. Take a look.

I Express Myself Through Art with Hannah Brooks, Annabelle Davis & More | BAFTA Kids

Join Hannah Brooks (Aardman), Annabelle Davis (The Dumping Ground), Oli Hyatt (Blue Zoo Studios) and Ayo Norman-Williams (2018 BAFTA Young Game Designer fina...

Chinese New Year 2.2.21

In 2021Chinese New Year will take place on 12th February. Each year of the Calendar represents one of the 12 zodiac animals: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. 2021 marks the Year of the Ox.


We are so lucky at The Fen Rivers Academy because Miss T used to live in China and her friend has made a video for us about the Chinese New Year. You can watch it below!

Chinese Spring Festival by Nancy 老师

Nancy 老师 talks about Chinese Spring Festival and will show us some greetings in Chinese.Hope you enjoy the video :)

‘A New House for Mouse’ by Petr Horáček

You're a Hero Daley B by Jon Blake

History. Charles Darwin. Date: 1.2.21

We are reading a book about Charles Darwin and this week, students in Hedgehogs have written 5 facts about what they have already learnt about Charles Darwin.

Telling the Time 1.2.21

Students in Hedgehogs are getting really good at telling the time, they are starting to challenge themselves. All they had to do today was write in words the time but they not only wrote it in words but also in digital! Amazing work Hedgehogs, thinking a step ahead 

Funny Poems! 1.2.21

Children's Mental Health Week

Children's Mental Health Week is taking place on 1-7 February 2021. This year's theme is Express Yourself.

Watch our Royal Patron HRH The Duchess of Cambridge's video message to mark the start of the week

Children's Mental Health Week Virtual Assembly | BAFTA Kids

To launch Children's Mental Health Week 2021, watch a Virtual Assembly from BAFTA, Place2Be and Oak National Academy on the theme: Express Yourself. Hosted b...

I'm Home Mrs Mole by Jarvis

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Chicken Licken

Mole's Surprise

Maths: Measurements: Time. Date: 26/01/21

This week Hedgehogs are learning about time. Today we are practising telling the time in analogue and digital clocks. Do you know how many seconds are in a minute? How many minutes are in an hour? How many hours are in a day? How many days are in a week?

English: Funny poems. Date: 26/01/21

Today Hedgehogs have read a poem called All Wet by Toni Johnston. They are focusing on people’s names and how they always start with a capital letter. Their writing is becoming neater. What an effort!

Geography: Layers of the earth. Date: 26/01/21

Students in Hedgehogs are learning about landscapes and how these are form. We are focusing this week in the different types of mountain and the layer of the Earth.

Art: Van Gogh Date: 25/01/21

Hedgehogs have been learning about Van Gogh and his paintings. Here is a drawing of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Isn’t it amazing?

Guess How Much I love You by Sam McBratney

Traditional tale of Dick Whittington

Goodnight Tiptoe by Polly Dunbar

More Measurement Work 21.1.21

Hedgehogs have done yet more work on measures. 

Capacity, measuring lengths, weighing and then reinforcing their learning on Purple Mash.

Suffixes 21.1.21

What did it happen? 

Is it happening now? Add -ing

Did it happen yesterday? Add -ed

Hedgehogs are amazing their suffixes

Geography: The 7 summits Date: 20/01/21

Students in Hedgehogs are learning about landforms, this week’s focus were mountains.

A student in Hedgehogs investigated the 7 summits and found out some interesting information: - What are the 7 summits? - Where can you find them? What continent? What country? - What are they named? - How high are they? - Would you climb the highest mountain of the world?

Census 2021 20.1.21

Did you know that every 10 years there is a census? 

They count things like how many people there are, how many cars, how many houses etc.

Each week this term, the classes get to spend time looking at the work around the census. 

This week it was the Census and the NHS. 

We drew posters and made fact files on Florence Nightingale.

Capacity:  20.1.21

As well as measuring weight, Hedgehogs have learnt about volume of liquids. 

They took lots of objects from around the house and measured how many cups of water they would hold. 

They recorded their work too!

How many cups of water would washing up bowl hold? Give it a try. 

Maths: Recording and comparing weights on a scale

Date: 20/01/21

Hedgehogs have been looking at weighing and reading scales. 

Do you have some scales at home? Maybe you can find 5 things to weigh and put them in order of weight, starting with the lightest.

How much heavier is the heaviest than the lightest? 


Suffixes –ed and –ing Date: 19/01/21

Hedgehogs have been learning about verbs.

Using suffix –ed and –ing to form sentences that tell us what is happening now and what has happened before.

Car Prototypes 19.1.21

Hedgehog's have been making prototypes for cars. They used Purple Mash.

Which one is your favourite? 

Why don't you head to Purple Mash and give it a try for yourself? 

Cheese and Ham Mini Quiches

Cooking 18/01/21

There are two ways to make quiche……the convenient way or the long way.

Challenge yourself this week to make fully homemade quiche.

Prefix un 18/01/21

Hedgehogs have been learning about the prefix un- and how adding it to a root word changes the meaning of the word. What is the root word? How does it change its meaning?

Wellness Packs January 2021

Your wellbeing is very important to us, especially during this difficult time.

Your teachers have been very busy making wellness packs to help you. Take a look. 

They include a visual timetable to help your routine for home learning, art and craft ideas and mental wellbeing ideas too.

Week Beginning 04/01/21

We have been reviewing and practicing addition and subtraction in the first week back to school to build up confidence and to practice different facts to solve calculations.

Here is an example of some Hedgehog English work. They have listen to the story OI Frog! and have written a sentence using because to say why they like or don't like the book. They have drawn the frog following a video on how to draw it by Jim Field the illustrator of the book and their frogs are AWESOME!

Making Shortbread with Mrs Cole's Recipe 07/01/21

They have done some great work and are getting more confident with it. 

They are super proud of themselves! 



Hedgehogs have been looking at rhyming words this week in English. 

Firstly, they matched words that rhyme like puffin and muffin.

Then, they had to think of their own words. 

What do you think rhymes with chairs? or frogs? 

We looked at the photo and wrote a character description. 
We tried to use similes and metaphors and interesting adjectives. What is his appearance? What might he say? 
How might he move? Smell like? What might his voice sound like?


This is what one member of Hedgehogs thought:


A Wizard is a character who rarely changes his clothes.
He speaks in a funny voice and makes things happen."

We have listened to the story OI Dog today and after listening to it, we found some rhyming words. 

Hedgehogs are very good at rhyming words! 

Can you find 5 words that rhyme with cat?


Here's a start: bat

We have also learnt about different landforms.

Watching a video that explains how these are formed and then identifying the correct landforms with a labelling worksheet.

Hedgehogs are turning into budding geographers!

Do you fancy cooking something exciting and healthy? 

Mrs Cole has shared this link with you

Have a look and see what tasty delights you can find.

Happy cooking!

We all love Joe Wicks but what about an alternative? 

Give this a try. Write your name on a piece of paper. You can choose just your first name or all your names. 

Then do the exercises for each letter.

Want a challenge? Then spell your whole address!!!!

Let's get fit with Team Fen!

A student from Hedgehogs has written a poem with the OI books style!

Forest Schools 

Every week at Fen Rivers, we have the opportunity to take part in Forest Schools.

Nicola plans some amazing lessons for us and while we are in lockdown, she didn't want us to miss out!

Have at look at the brilliant stuff she has. I love the matchbox challenge. I wonder how many things you can find to go in yours? 

Cup Cakes....... Yummy!

Hedgehogs have been busy baking cup cakes. 

Mrs Cole gave them the recipe to try at home. 

Not only did they make vanilla ones but also chocolate. They look delicious. 


Today in our English lesson we learn what syllables are. What are these creatures? How many syllables do they have? Here is the work of one of the students in Hedgehogs. Clap your hands as many times as there are syllables in the word.

Charles Darwin

14.01.21 We are learning loads about Charles Darwin in Hedgehogs and we have been questioning What do you like that might make you a scientist? A student in Hedgehogs responded to this question saying “I know lots about dinosaurs and ants” “collect fossils, build an ant farm”

Measuring in Maths

Children in Hedgehogs have been working really hard in their Maths. We have been learning about length and weight this week and the have been amazing sending me all their work!