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Elephants Class Timetable 2020 - 2021

Cheese and Ham Mini Quiches

Cooking 18/01/21

There are two ways to make quiche……the convenient way or the long way.

Challenge yourself this week to make fully homemade quiche.

Wellness Packs January 2021

Your wellbeing is very important to us, especially during this difficult time.

Your teachers have been very busy making wellness packs to help you. Take a look. 

They include a visual timetable to help your routine for home learning, art and craft ideas and mental wellbeing ideas too.

Some of this week's work in Elephants

Elephants have been celebrating how amazing they are!!!! 


What have you done today to make you feel amazing?

Maybe you have read a book?

Or watch a film?

Laughed at a joke?

Done 10 star jumps? 


Elephants have been caring for their local community during lockdown. 

First they learnt something new about where they live and then they did a good deed. 

This member decided to go litter picking to improve his local area. 

What a great thing to do. Well done!

Do you fancy cooking something exciting and healthy? 

Mrs Cole has shared this link with you

Have a look and see what tasty delights you can find.

Happy cooking!

We all love Joe Wicks but what about an alternative? 

Give this a try. Write your name on a piece of paper. You can choose just your first name or all your names. 

Then do the exercises for each letter.

Want a challenge? Then spell your whole address!!!!

Let's get fit with Team Fen!

Forest Schools 

Every week at Fen Rivers, we have the opportunity to take part in Forest Schools.

Nicola plans some amazing lessons for us and while we are in lockdown, she didn't want us to miss out!

Have at look at the brilliant stuff she has. I love the matchbox challenge. I wonder how many things you can find to go in yours?