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Dolphins Class Timetable 2020 - 2021

World Book Day Celebration

Take a look at this compilation of pictures from World Book Day which was on 3rd March. Lots of fun was had and lots of books read! This year we had a focus on maths in stories. Each class discovered maths within their chosen book. Maths can be an abstract subject but using a book helps to bring it to life and make it seem "real" and more accessible for everyone!

Our resident artist Nicola has also been painting in the library. Can you spot the characters? 

Census 2.3.21

On March 21st this year, there will be a census. It looks at the changing population and the way people live. Dolphins have looked at the changes in transport this week and how people’s habits and modes of travel have changed over time. Make sure everyone in your house contributes to the Census on the 21st.

Return to School help for Parents and Carers

A list of websites and apps that are useful in managing your mental health

Mental Health Week 2.2.21

The theme this year is all about expressing ourselves. 

We can express ourselves in lots of ways: talking, smiling, through music or by what we wear.

These people express themselves through art. Take a look.

I Express Myself Through Art with Hannah Brooks, Annabelle Davis & More | BAFTA Kids

Join Hannah Brooks (Aardman), Annabelle Davis (The Dumping Ground), Oli Hyatt (Blue Zoo Studios) and Ayo Norman-Williams (2018 BAFTA Young Game Designer fina...

Chinese New Year 2.2.21

In 2021Chinese New Year will take place on 12th February. Each year of the Calendar represents one of the 12 zodiac animals: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. 2021 marks the Year of the Ox.


We are so lucky at The Fen Rivers Academy because Miss T used to live in China and her friend has made a video for us about the Chinese New Year. You can watch it below!

Chinese Spring Festival by Nancy 老师

Nancy 老师 talks about Chinese Spring Festival and will show us some greetings in Chinese.Hope you enjoy the video :)

A Wonderful Week! 1.2.21

Last week was truly magnificent in Dolphins. They worked on simplifying fractions, did some science with filtration,

looked after their mental health and did some drumming with Mr Evans. 

The Holocaust was remembered too. 

Children's Mental Health Week

Children's Mental Health Week is taking place on 1-7 February 2021. This year's theme is Express Yourself.

Watch our Royal Patron HRH The Duchess of Cambridge's video message to mark the start of the week

Children's Mental Health Week 2021 - a message from our Royal Patron

Watch our Royal Patron HRH The Duchess of Cambridge's video message to mark the start of the Children's Mental Health Week. Learn more: http://www.childrensm...

Children's Mental Health Week Virtual Assembly | BAFTA Kids

To launch Children's Mental Health Week 2021, watch a Virtual Assembly from BAFTA, Place2Be and Oak National Academy on the theme: Express Yourself. Hosted b...

Persuasive Writing 27.1.21

Dolphins have been looking at how to improve their writing. 

How would you try to persuade someone to do something or believe something? 

Dolphins have looked at things like use of language, adding interesting clauses and improving the grammar. 


Feelings Board Games 27.1.21

Dolphins have looked at many board games and have designed their own. 

They are based on our feelings and emotions. 

Multiplying Fractions 27.1.21

Using manipulatives to helps us understand how to do it. 

Then we had a go for ourselves.

WUMB 27.1.21

Warm up my brain! 

Ever come into school thinking "eh I can't be bothered today" or "my brain doesn't want to learn"?

Well these activities can help. Pick a word search or puzzle and get your brain warmed up for the day ahead! 

Positivity 27.1.21

Dolphins have worked hard on being positive. They looked for the good in the bad and turned negative thoughts into positive ones. 

OH NO!!!!!! 27.1.21

What has happened to Mr Evans?????? 

Phew it's ok, he's only turned into a mathemagician!

Cooking 27.1.21

Baking has been the hit of lockdown! So many of us are learning to cook new things and Dolphins are no exceptions. 

Look at the array of delights!!!!

PE 27.1.21

It is important to keep physically active at the moment.

Exercise produces endorphins, which are feel good hormones. They make us feel happier, more relaxed and stress free. 

Chill Time! 27.1.21

It's not all about work. It is important to have some chill and relaxation time.

Maths: Fractions and Music 26.1.21

Dolphins can multiply fractions! 

They have worked hard on using practical resources like paper folding to help them. They also learnt about probability using fractions.

Did you know maths and music are very closely linked? Dolphins investigated patterns using maths and music.


Guided Reading 26.1.21

Dolphins have been reading The Knockers by Cath Jones. 

They read a chapter, talk about it, answer questions on it and review it. 

A piece of creative writing was created in the style of Cath Jones too!

Have you read it? 

English 25.1.21

Dolphins have been working on a variety of new skills in English.

Fronted adverbials, persuasive writing and increasing the level of vocabulary we use.

They have done diary entries and re told the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Great work Dolphins!

22.1.21 Alien Friday!

Snowman    20.1.21

Did you enjoy the snow on Saturday morning? 

This Dolphin did! Look at the fine snowman he built. 

Art   20.1.21

Do you like drawing? Or maybe painting? 

The Dolphins certainly do. 

Look at the portrait of Mr Evans dog. Great work Dolphins

Pet Care   20.1.21

Pets have been our saviour during these lockdowns.

It is important that we look after them and give them the care they need.

This Dolphins is caring for his rabbit

Food........ 20.1.21

Looking at these pictures I think Dolphins love cooking!

Brownies and cupcakes to name a few!

They certainly have had fun cooking at home. 

Vocabulary 20.1.21

Dolphins have extended their vocabulary range by using a dictionary to find the meaning f new words and then putting them into a sentence. 

Grammar 20.1.21

Do you know what a pronoun is?

A verb? Past and present tense?

Dolphins have been working hard on their grammar.

Times Tables 20.1.21

Do you find it tricky to learn your times tables? 

Follow Mr Evans top tips!

Wellness Packs January 2021

Your wellbeing is very important to us, especially during this difficult time.

Your teachers have been very busy making wellness packs to help you. Take a look. 

They include a visual timetable to help your routine for home learning, art and craft ideas and mental wellbeing ideas too.

Cheese and Ham Mini Quiches

Cooking 18/01/21

There are two ways to make quiche……the convenient way or the long way.

Challenge yourself this week to make fully homemade quiche.

07/01/21 Work is coming in to 'Dolphins Central' on Class Dojo as students and parents engage with the wide range of task available. There's lots of interaction with home-learners and it's looking like a very positive experience.

Dolphins have been doing some of their own maths work too! 

This member of the team did this piece of work (without Mr Evans asking him!)

It shows how confident he is in multiplying 3 digit numbers by 2 or 3 digits. 

Brilliant work!

One of the tasks set in Dolphins this week, was to find the meaning of new words.

They were given 10 "new" words and had to look them up in a dictionary. 

They found the meaning and then wrote a sentence with each word in it. 

Brill word investigation work!

Do you know what a fronted adverbial is? 

Dolphins learnt all about them this week.

Can you spot the fronted adverbial in my comment? 

"Due to their hard work and perseverance , Dolphins are brilliant at fronted adverbials"

Sometimes it is nice just to write for fun. 

That is exactly what this Dolphins has done. 

His own mountain goat story, just for fun! 

Do you fancy cooking something exciting and healthy? 

Mrs Cole has shared this link with you

Have a look and see what tasty delights you can find.

Happy cooking!

We all love Joe Wicks but what about an alternative? 

Give this a try. Write your name on a piece of paper. You can choose just your first name or all your names. 

Then do the exercises for each letter.

Want a challenge? Then spell your whole address!!!!

Let's get fit with Team Fen!

Forest Schools 

Every week at Fen Rivers, we have the opportunity to take part in Forest Schools.

Nicola plans some amazing lessons for us and while we are in lockdown, she didn't want us to miss out!

Have at look at the brilliant stuff she has. I love the matchbox challenge. I wonder how many things you can find to go in yours?