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Geo Shapes in Art 23.2.21

Take a look at this website. It lets you play around with shapes and colours to create artistic pieces of work. 

Who am I? 22.2.21

In this Who am I activity, I invite you to share all there is to know about you. Your likes, dislikes what you do in your free time, what makes you excited or nervous. You can start by asking someone to draw around you on a large piece of paper, or many small pieces taped together. Your welcome to simply draw around your hand or use the template provided. You can use any materials, photos or words if you wish. There is no right or wrong way of sharing who you are. There is only your way. I have created an image to share with you about who I am.


I am Arty (my hands become messy)

I love swimming in the sea (my heart holds memories of the sea)

I sometimes get nervous (it feels like butterflies in my tummy)

I have colour in my hair o I like rain and puddles (in my orange wellies with muddy feet)

The unknown worries me (it hurts my head)

Connecting through Creating 22.1.21

I invite Staff and Students to create a line. The aim with this activity is to connect with others by connecting the lines together. Creating a line can be very simple, think about using your body or objects you find around you if you choose not to use art materials. It can also be taking a walk with chalk outside and use the chalk to draw where you’ve been. Be creative and let your imagination play. To ensure we can connect with another image, make sure there is a start and a finish that go off the edge of the page. This way others can be connected.

TheFenRiversAcademy- Connecting Through Creating

This is an example video for the activity 'Connecting through Creating'.

Our New Art Therapist 10.2.21



I would like to take a moment to introduce myself as I am a new member of The Fen Rivers Academy.

My name is Louise, and I have been appointed the role of Integrative Therapist.  

I am a qualified and registered Art Therapist and will work in this therapeutic approach with students in the future.  I am currently working remotely and invite students and families to take part in the art and craft activities that will be shared online and with class teachers.  Art Therapy is still new to some people and I want to ensure you it’s an approach designed around the individual to suit their needs. To give you a clearer understanding I will produce a brief introduction to ‘what is art therapy’ and hopefully answer some common questions and misconceptions there may be. 


I have previous experience within a special needs school, and this has helped me adapt my practice to working in multiple ways, such as, within a classroom, therapy room and on occasion the outdoor environment.  The aim is to ensure there is a safe, protected space and time to support children and young people to express and understand some difficult emotions and feelings through a medium that doesn’t have to involve the spoken word.   


I look forward to meeting all who attend The Fen Rivers Academy both now and in the future.

DIY Instruments 8.2.21

Fancy joining in with Mr Evan's music lessons but don't have an instrument? 

No problem! Here is a link to home made ones! 

Have fun making one.

Fen Rivers Rhythm 2

Join Mr Evans and Toby for the second part of Fen Rivers Rhythm!

Fen Rivers Rhythm 1

Join Mr Evans and Toby for some hand-drumming to join in with in your home!

Help via Art   27.1.21

The below link is a lovely little snippet of how art and creative play can support kids in expressing their emotions and feelings.  It is aimed at the Corona virus pandemic, but it can give perspective beyond that too.

Have a look and try some of the activities.

Welcome to Creative Arts 26.1.21

This is where you will find all things creative!

Music, art, sewing and crafts. 

What about making your own paint brush? Combine this with forest schools. Collect some natural resources to make it. 

Or how about shaving foam marbling?